Movies #53, 54, 55 Infernal Affairs I,II, and III

The joys of owning a laptop. On my weekend trip to Philadelphia I checked out Infernal Affairs I,II, and III on the train. Good times. The first is easily the best, but the two sequels are worthwhile in their own right. They’re sort of gimmicky films, in that the setup makes them almost can’t miss prospects, but just watching the first one should be enough to clear up any doubt that these are good and, in the case of the first one, great films. That setup? Two cadets in the Police Academy. One is “kicked out” and sent to the work as a deep undercover in the Triads. The other is sent into the Academy BY the Triads to serve as their mole. Crazy stuff. The prequel and sequel build depth into the story and work pretty well as films in their own right. Of the two the third is the better film, with the return of Tony Leung Chiu-Wai and Sky king, Andy Lau to starring roles and a crazy story to move things along.

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