Movies #43 and #44 The Matrix Revolutions, Blue

The Matrix Revolutions: Better than I expected! Much better than the now officially abysmal second entry- it’s “now abysmal” because I was withholding full judgment until I saw how they answered the questions raised in that film- they didn’t, so Reloaded is now a pure waste of time and money… Anyway, beyond a few goofy bits, I actually enjoyed this film. Better paced, less overtly philosophical, and infinitely more coherent than Reloaded, Revolutions goes a little way towards resurrecting what love I had for this series. Sadly it doesn’t go far enough to make me wish they simply hadn’t done any sequels at all, but at this point I’ve got to take what I can get.

Blue (Three Colors Trilogy): Now that I’ve seen the three I’ll appraise them in this way: Blue is the best “film” and White is my “favorite.” Blue is SUCH an artfully done film it’s almost sickening. The entire “plot” is based around Julie’s internal struggle with her husband’s life, death, failings and her own relationship to the music that flowed through both their lives, but yet it’s still an engrossing cinematic experience. The way that they externalize her internal storms is beautiful and fascinating. The overt use of the color blue in a symbolic way is done with enough finesse that it becomes almost transparent- as transparent as it could be for me at least since I’ve watched all three of these films with an obsessive eye towards the title colors. I really think it’s a brilliant achievement.

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