Movies #37 Winged Migration

Winged Migration: I thought this was just phenomenal. With the exception of what I felt too be an over-abundance of “sad” moments, I really enjoyed this film. It’s a real accomplishment. I do wish they’d let up a little in terms of the negative imagery-


Two scenes with hunters, a bird with a broken wing getting eaten by crabs, a scene with poachers and a totally disturbing scene featuring a bird getting caught in industrial muck in Eastern Europe… For about 40 minutes (almost half the movie) I was on edge hoping that I wouldn’t see another one of the birds die. Then, once the carnage subsides they really didn’t have enough “lift your spirits time” to even it out. I could have done with half of the negative scenes and at least double the “nice” time at the end. I know it’s good to show the reality of nature, but with a film like this, the overall feeling I should walk away with should not be anything even remotely negative.


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