Don't let anyone tell you I don't write about film any more

Just because I don’t write for the “best little paper” any more doesn’t mean I can’t knock out a film article from time to time. Check it: Capsules 2!: Indochine, Andre Rublev, With a Friend Like Harry, City of Lost Children.

Speaking of the Weekly Dig, I threw out about 50 pounds of Weekly Digs and Shovels yesterday. For a while I would grab a handful of every issue I had writing in, so they had piled up (to the tune of 10 or 20 copies of individual issues.) With the Shovels I was sometimes worse (I must have had 50 copies of “The American Issue.”) It was funny. Throwing out those Weekly Digs was cathartic (since for me that experience was the “best little pain in the ass in Boston”), while tossing the Shovels was depressing (which is nothing new. I’ve been depressed about the loss of Shovel since it was buried in the name of progress.) When you add it up it’s not that bad I guess, since I came out even emotionally. Still it was an interesting trip down memory lane.

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