Must have confused me with someone else

Now, I’m still not sure that this is even real, but it’s still pretty interesting. A couple of months ago someone representing themselves as a girl/young lady of indeterminate age (I assumed young based on style) wrote to me asking me to draw something for her father’s upcoming birthday. As a “special gift.” At one point this sort of request was cool. Nowadays I get enough requests for stupid shit from 10 year old AOlers that I’m numb to this sort of thing. This one did remind me of an old scam I’d heard about from some of the hoary old veterans of the comics/ online world, so it stuck with me (basically, some guy (from Europe IIRC) had faked youth/ infirmity (or something I don’t really remember) done a similar request with a few artists and managed to get a few pieces out of the deal.)

Today, I got an email from someone claiming to be the girl’s father apologizing for the daughter’s actions. I don’t know what to make of it. In my jaded view I could see it as an extension of the scam playing off of sympathy for the situation with the use of two voices making request/ story seem more legitimate. Sigh, what an evil fucker I am.

Anyway, and this is the interesting part. The guy sent the email to all the people that his daughter had contacted with their addresses open in the CC line. Some of the ones I could figure out were: Jim Lee, J.O. Ladronn, Ray Lago, Erik Larsen, Bob Layton, Steve Lieber (he owns an Eisner award in case you didn’t know), Joseph Michael Linsner, and Todd Lockwood. In case you didn’t know there are some pretty talented and/or “famous” comic types on that list. Which is why I mention it. As tenuous as it is, it still geeks me out that someone- even if it is a scammer; would think include me in a list like that. If it were graffiti- related, it wouldn’t even phase me. But comics-related? That’s freaking cool. Inking samples pay off!

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