Books 9, 10, 11 (or just 9 depending on who you ask.)

Since most people recognize the The Lord of the Rings as a trilogy I’m counting it as three books. Yes I read it again. It just keeps getting better.

I also saw The Two Towers. I enjoyed it, which is funny considering how much I disliked the Fellowship of the Ring the first time I saw it (I’ve since softened to it.) If I’d seen this one first my head would have exploded. Every problem I perceived in FOTR is enhanced by at least ten times in this second film. The story is not just edited or altered here. It’s almost totally reworked. There is at least one new lengthy scene (a cool but pointless battle with wolf riding orcs that ends with an entirely pointless excuse to get Liv Tyler into the film) and pretty much everything else is altered to the point where I was scratching my head trying to figure out what the hell was going on (e.g., where the fuck did all those elves come from? Did they take the overnight from Lorien? since when did Saruman actually possess Theoden, Exorcist style?) I could go on and on about this (I started the discussion at work last Friday with a couple of other like-minded folks and I didn’t shut up for an hour.) I don’t want to do that though, since I actually had a pretty good time in the theater.

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