Son, nobody is half as good as Mickey Mantle

No, really, I do understand that writing about Mickey Mantle after watching 61* is a little ironic, but I’ve got to do it. If you watch the movie (which is excellent, Billy Crystal deserves a pat on the back,) you’ll see a couple of shots form behind the plate of the right field stands in the old version of Yankee Stadium. Take a good look at the facade above the stands. Ponder how far that is for a second. Now think about this, Mantle hit that thing five times. 5. One was still going up when it hit and another was a mere 18 inches from leaving the stadium. I’d known the facts before but looking at it from that perspective (if the shot in the film was at all was accurate) was sort of humbling.

By the way, that HBO page is “intended for viewing solely within the United States. ” So, you watch yourself if you don’t live in the good old U S of A… ?!?! What kind of disclaimer is that on a web site? That might be the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.

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