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ICYMI: I Wrote About Jackie Chan FOUR Times for the Brattle. That’s Awesome.

Police Story 2 There’s a scene in Sammo Hung’s MILLIONAIRES EXPRESS, a rollicking heist/western/kung fu movie from 1986 that is a go-to when I discuss the stunt-work being done in Hong Kong in the 1980s. In it, Yuen Biao, one … Continue reading

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Goodbye to Legendary Shaw Brothers Director Lau Kar Leung

Lau Kar Leung has passed away. While I’m no longer watching 150-200 Hong Kong movies every year, I’ll forever be in love with Hong Kong cinema. The death of one of one of the true giants hits home. I’ve written … Continue reading

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Fist of Legend (My Art for The Brattle Art House Auction)

You’re going to go and bid on a bunch of stuff, right?

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Monster Month: Continuing the No Sexy Vampires Policy- a Jiang Shi (僵尸)

Better call Mr. Vampire:

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Just Tell Them Yan Sent You

This piece will be going up for auction at the Brattle Art House Auction on October 3, 2010. Just thought I’d share it now to get you guys excited. I’ll have a lot more info about the event as I … Continue reading

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