My Picks: The Economist’s Holiday Specials

All of the featured writing in the Economist’s year-end issue is worth reading. These articles stood out for me for one reason or another.

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The Medicine Wheel Vigil

This is like my last two studio styles had a baby. Some hypercubism and some drippy grimy surface making.

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I’ve got a painting (seen above) in the Medicine Wheel Vigil for Day Without Art/World Aids Day at Cyclorama.

Gather at City Hall Plaza for the beginning of our annual Medicine Wheel Vigil for Day Without Art/World AIDS Day

Gather at 10:45 P. M City Hall Plaza

11:00 P. M. Lighting of City Hall Red in awareness of WORLD AIDS DAY and 25 YEARS OF MEDICINE WHEEL

Welcome From the City

Innvocation: Rev Daniel Smith

Procession to the Boston Center for the Arts, Cyclorama Building and a vigil for the full 24 hours of Thursday December 1, 2016

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