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Movies 2013 (#2) Thor

Thor Better than I expected? Better than I expected. I came late to these new Marvel movies so I didn’t quite know what to expect. For a comic fan, these are super familiar and that puts them squarely in positive … Continue reading

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Marvel Used My Art Without Permission in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1

This happened a year ago and I never had the time to properly follow up with Marvel about this. It turned out the penciler was responsible and she felt terrible about it. I traded some emails with her. I would … Continue reading

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Monster Month: Gorgo the Foul

This is a character from the Incal. There is no better comic, ever (Except for Lone Wolf and Cub? Yeah, except for that.)

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If You Only Read One Comic Book Ever

Make it this one: Why? It’s written by Alejandro Jodorowsky, one of the world’s great visionary creators of both comics and film and illustrated by one of the greatest artists ever to draw sequential art, Moebius. Impossibly, it lives up … Continue reading

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