Movies 2008 #14 Cloverfield



I figured I’d make that warning since so much about this movie was secretive and I’m sure there are people, like me, who still only have a vague notion about this film (“hand held?” “A monster movie?”)

Anyway… Hell yeah. Not only did I enjoy this movie as a fine piece of popcorn cinema, and I did, one of my long-time (and recurring) wishes in the action/horror movie gamut was finally granted in this JJ Abrams produced monster flick.



It’s true, all the douchey characters that populate the Manhattan of Cloverfield are dead when the final credits roll and I, for one, thought it was a stroke of genius.

Actually, thinking back, one character does manage to survive. Was it because she was the least douchey? I’d like to think so.

Beyond the body count, Cloverfield is a fun monster movie in the Toho vein. Sure, the techniques and look are a little edgier, “updated for the Youtube generation” or something, but the story mechanics and track of the action are straight out of Gojira.

That’s an easy path to my heart.

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