Return of the King (aka Movies #17)

Despite the few, incredibly annoying and/or stupid alterations/additions they made I really enjoyed the final film in the trilogy. As I said last year when I saw Two Towers, I’ve made an effort to give the filmmakers a break with the series since I felt guilty about giving them such a hard time when I saw Fellowship of the Ring and again, with this film I’m glad I did. If I were determined to be a stickler for the integrity of Tolkien’s world, I think I’d be pissed off right now. Thankfully, I’m not and I enjoyed the film greatly for what it is.

Okay, now that I’ve said nice things I want to mention two things that I thought were exceptionally stupid: The “Go Home Sam” scene and the “Scrubbing Bubbles Dead scour Minas Tirith” scene. The former was just a waste of time and the latter was just plain stupid. Other things- like Gandalf pimp slapping Denethor, were dumb but were to my mind nowhere near the dumb level of the two previously mentioned…

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