It's been years since I heard this song

I ripped Axis: Bold as Love to mp3 today. To anger the RIAA even more I bought it used specifically so that they wouldn’t see any money from me.*

Anyway, I’d forgotten how much I loved the song One Rainy Wish. Listening to it today made me feel pretty good, which is a feat considering how bummed out I am about Bush’s monomania coming to fruition.

*It’s true. While I still spend a healthy amount on music I haven’t bought a new CD in a couple of years. This way I can still support local business while helping to starve the record companies. I would feel bad about the artists not seeing any of the money, but that would require that I believe that they get see any of it to begin with. That (people switching to buying “used”) is one of the many angles that the Music Industry ignores when they blame “piracy” for failing music sales, by the way.

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