Takeshi Kitano, Takashi Miike, and Zatoichi?

The greatest movie ever?

In this interview Takashi Miike talks about making a Zatoichi movie with Takeshit Kitano…

Q: How about remaking Zatoichi? I heard once that Takeshi Kitano
wanted to remake it, but gave up because Shintaro Katsu [who played
the original Zatoichi] didn’t want anyone to play him until after he

“TM: Yes, Katsu-shin was the last star of a time when an actor playing
a character who was totally out of control could become a star. I
loved him. So I finally got the cooperation of Katsu’s production
company to remake Zatoichi. He’s such a great and famous character,
known throughout the world, that the movie should get shown
internationally. So far, I can’t reveal anything about what I want to
do, but at least I can say that my mission is to close the long saga
of this great legendary hero.”

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